Monday, October 2, 2023

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Mali Music Premieres “Digital” — Off His Upcoming Album — “The Contradiction of Mali” || @malimusic

“Digital”—off his upcoming album, The Contradiction of Mali, due this summer—the Grammy-nominated artist, Mali Music keeps it 100 about love and sex in the social-media age. With how things are going on in the world, many people have come desensitized to a plethora of things that are needed in life. From nudity, religion, love and life, we have to believe that many things are fake and don’t to be effect by much and can continue our regular lives with no problem.

“Now love is digital, no longer sacred, it’s no longer spiritual/ Now it’s just physical, I see you naked, double-tap just to get with you,” he sings amidst a futuristic atmosphere. But while the electronic effects of “Digital” suggest a mix of T-Pain and Future, Mali also brings some lilting reggae vibes to the track from his follow-up to 2014’s Mali Is…

This song comes after the release of Mali’s new music video for his song, “Contradiction” that features L.A. singer, Jhene Aiko to make a calming, sensual duet.

I hope the Beehive, doesn’t try to go at this Mali from this song, but instead, listen…

YouTube video


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