Saturday, March 2, 2024

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Mary Bjohns – ”Coming From My Heart”

Pastor Mary Bjohns releases a new worship inspirational song to start the year off with and she titles this one – ‘‘Coming From My Heart”.

The song – Coming From My Heart is a song of gratitude, thanksgiving and appreciation to God.


Lyrics: Mary Bjohns – ”Coming From My Heart”

You’re the God who helped me
You picked me from the dust
You’re the God who raised me
And made me stand
You’re the God who never fails me 

No matter how I call
You’re true
You’re faithful to me
You’re true
You’re faithful to me

I just can’t pay you Lord
For all the things you do
What can I give to you
That can truly pay you

You’re the God of all flesh 

And unto thee we come
You’re the God who is love 
And you’ve shown us
You’re the God who gave up your son
To atone for our sins you’re God
You’re love to us
You’re God
You’re love to us

My knees I bow to you
My hands are lifted high 

My voice I raise in praise 
It is coming from my heart

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