Saturday, September 30, 2023

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MUSIC DOWNLOAD: St. Kenny – Aka Chukwu [Hand Of God] || @stkenny4u

Singer, dancer and exceptional songwriter, Ferdinand Isaiah aka St. Kenny has come up with another banging hit song titled “Aka Chukwu” (Hand of God). I know you will love it and believe me this song will make you dance like never before.

”Looking back memory lane, my life has been a testimony. Losing my family at that early age was like my entire life had come to an end. But God stood by me and then through the daily hustle for survival, indeed God has been there. Besides we live in a country were majority of the youths are not employed, a country where our security is questionable but yet we still survive. It can only be God. That was were the inspiration behind this song ‘AKA CHUKWU’ came to be”St. Kenny



Verse 1
I happy say man no be God
If not who for talk
E don tey way I dey nuke
Man day pray make I fall
Everyday I dey work o
But no food to chop
Oga dey give me nuke
Say boy back to work
But chukwuna my defender
My provider help me conquer
He.. No wahala halelu now am better
Omenma emekwala ozo he
( emekwala ozo)
Chukwuna emekwala ozo he
(emekwala ozo)
Anything I do aka chukwu di e….e
Every were I go aka chukwu di e…e
Any song I sing
Everywhere I go
My going in and out aka chukwu di e…e
Aka chukwu ho ho
(aka chukwu he)
Aka ha……aka chukwu hu
(aka chukwu he)
Aka chukwu aka chukwu
(Aka chukwu he)
Aka ha aka ha ha
Verse 2
Thank God for the life that am living now
Too much blessings am seeing now
From glory to glory am going now
(aka chukwu he….)
Thank God for the favor am seeing now
Na too much joy you dey give me now
from glory to glory am going now
( aka chukwu he….)
You dey for my matter
See has you dei for matter
On the cross of Calvary
That’s why I can not find no other
Only you and only you lord I will serve ho..
And I spread the gospel all around the world ho.


Aka chukwu for my life
Aka chukwu for your life
Aka chukwu for everything
na so e suppose to be
Aka chukwu for your business
Aka chukwu for your health
Aka chukwu for family
na so e suppose to be
Back To Chorus


Twitter: @stkenny4u
Instagram: @officialstkenny
Email: [email protected]


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