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MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Tru Mantra – Obed Edom [+Lyrics] || @trumantramusic

Obed Edom is Tru Mantra’s third single from the forthcoming album and is a musical testament to the favor of God. The biblical Obed-Edom provided an abode for the ark of the covenant and experienced God’s blessings over his household.

He then chose to follow the ark on it’s journey, assuming the role of a musician and worshipper.

Tru Mantra brings the principle of favor in God’s presence to the fore with thumping beats, dexterous guitar riffs and an infectious hook. Obed Edom was produced by music maestro, Tumi.

Turn up the volume and enjoy this banger of a track!




Follow me Dobe
Follow me Dobe
Dobededom (4X)

Verse 1:
If you want to dobededom, forget your wisdom
You want to dobededom, pursue God’s wisdom
If you dobededom, you will enter God’s kingdom
If you dobededom, you’ll be living in freedom
And when the end comes, you’ll be reigning in His Kingdom
When you dobededom, they’ll be wondering how come
When you dobededom, you already know the outcome
Like Obededom, God will bless you, now run

Verse 2:

We high like Zion
We bold like lion
We strong like Samson
Jehovah nation
Legend like Voltron
Bring judgment Babylon
Three-sixty vision
Just because I’m God’s son
People dey ask me say
Wetin dey make me shine
I just dey tell them say…wait!
Me shine like light on
Just because I’m God’s son

Verse 3:

His blessings you cannot count,
More than any amount, even Bill Gates bank account
Sufficient grace, my God will grant
As the deer, my heart still pants
He’ll call me, His good servant
When I get there, I’ll be a merchant
I’ll be a merchant
Do the boogie woogie like David did it
You can dance galala if you no fit
Favor in the house, make you move, you be novice?

This is Tru Mantra, we bring mo’ hits

Guilty as charged, if na praise we be culprits
This track is so hot and you know this
Flowing in the spirit everybody taking notice
Don’t get it twisted, Jesus is the focus.

Twitter | Instagram: @TruMantraMusic

Facebook: TruMantra


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