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MUSIC + LYRICS: DaFiDee [@DaFiDee] – JoDaaDaa || Prod by Sammyoung

DaFiDee is the stage moniker of David Odesola. A
contemporary singer and songwriter with a knack for rich, rhythmical and
lyrically inspiring songs. He grew up as a preacher’s boy and was exposed to hymns,
psalms and classical music at an early age. Most of his music were
performed by the various musical groups he belonged to in the past.
David is a member of the Healing Streams of God, the Mass Choir of
Daystar Christian Centre Lagos, Nigeria. He is a professional accountant
and a member of ICAN.

JoDaaDaa marks the beginning of a solo music ministry. It
is a groovy song that will inspire you to dance in appreciation of God’s
goodness. Most especially his salvation and deliverance from enemies,
sin, death and poverty. If your victory is sure, signed, sealed and delivered then sing this song daily and dance in victory to the shame of the devil.

Produced By Sammyoung (producer of Morire by Mike Abdul,
Ina by Abere etc). 

JoDaaDaa is the first single from his forthcoming
debut album slated for release in 2015.

– Pragz Entertainment

Download, listen, enjoy!




Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Ma Jo Daa Daa
Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Ma Jo Daa Daa
Da Fi Dee

Ori rere l’ori mi; Aye mi dara ogun ota ti se
L’oke l’oke owo mi L’oke l’oke; Ma k’allelujah l’oni ya ya eh
Mu jo jo
To ba m’ore jor,  Jo daa daa
Mo ma mu jo jo
Ori rere l’ori mi, ma jo daa daa
Mu jo jo
To ba m’ore jor,  Jo daa daa
Mo ma mu jo jo
Ori rere l’ori mi, ma jo daa daa

Verse One –

If you hear my story
You go give the glory
Enemies wan make die
Baba God say make i dey carry dey go ee
Where i for dey, Jesus, if no be you
Cos of Love, You took my place
On the cross, my debt you paid
My life you saved from Sin and death
Now I am Victorious
Day by Day I’m getting better
Oh Lord,  I’m glad you saved me ehh
I’m going high, higher

Verse Two – 

Before Before, my life was rough and tough
I search and search for work, no money no food to chop
Then I, called on God, He heard me and turned around
My shame turn to fame; pain and sorrow to joy
My labor has turned to favor ehh; Heavens smile on me
Everyday I’m making money, ego
Baba just dey bless me eeh
I’m making money owo


Some ask me why I sing and Shout
I dance dance dance, dance dance dance, I jo daa daa
I tell them say I was lost and found,
I am blessed not cursed, no more loss
Aribiti rabata,  my father
His promises, sure banker
Our enemies, dey scatter
Testimonies, forever


Mu jo jo; Ire ile titun
Mo ma mu jo jo; Ire odun titun
Mu jo jo; Ire omo titun
Mo ma mu jo jo; Aya rere

Beat continues till end


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