Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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MUSIC: Michael Smith – You Are The Fire || @michaelwsmith

“Have you ever been so excited about something that you felt like you were literally going to burst if you didn’t tell someone and tell them right now?

That’s exactly how Jeremiah says he felt about speaking God’s Word:
But if I say, “I will not mention his word or speak anymore in his name,” his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in; indeed, I cannot. Jeremiah 20:9

Even when Jeremiah tried to keep quiet, he couldn’t. Even though the message he had was a challenging one, he still longed to share it. Even knowing that the people wouldn’t listen to him, God’s word was so powerful it was like an aching in his bones.
You are the flame that’s growing deep inside
You are the blazing passion in my eyes
You are the aching shut up in my bones
You are the longing that won’t let me go

That’s what God wants for the church. For us to be so filled with His love it would consume us from the inside out. For us to feel like we were going to burst if we didn’t proclaim His love to the nations right now. For us to wake up and begin to reflect who God is. For us to invite Him to be the fire that burns inside of us, and that the whole world would see us burn.

Let it burn, let it burn now
From the inside out
Let it rage, let it rage now
You are the fire”

God, You are the fire!

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