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Odunayo Akintomide – ”Jesu Mi Ga”

Lagos based artiste – Odunayo Akintomide releases a brand new single that comes with an audio and it’s beautiful visuals titled – “Jesu Mi Ga”.

According to the artiste – Jesu Mi Ga which means My Jesus is Great is a high worship song inspired by the Holy Spirit. Produced by Ypiano and directed by Lexten.

Before now, she has released an album and many singles to her credit such as – “Stronger Than My Enemies”, “Aanu Re”, “Let There Be Light” and many more.

She currently serves as a praise leader in RCCG Chosen generation and is also married with children.

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Lyrics: Odunayo Akintomide – 
Jesu Mi Ga 

Jesu Mi Ga, O Ga, O Ga, O Ga Ju Esu Lo 

(My Jesus Is Great, He Is Great, He Is Greater Than Satan)

E Ga Ju Aye Lo, ( You Are Greater Than The World) E Ga! (You Are Great)
E Ga Ju Eniyan Lo, ( You Are Greater Than Man) E Ga! (You Are Great )
E Tobi Lopolopo Titobi Re Ko Lafiwe O
(You Are Greatly Great, Your Greatness Is Incomparable)

Jesu Mi Ga, O Ga, O Ga, O Ga Ju Esu Lo
(My Jesus Is Great, He Is Great, He Is Great, He Is Greater Than Satan)

E ga! (You Are Great) E Ga! (You Are Great)
Alagbara (The Powerful One) E Ga!
Erujeje (The Fearful One) E Ga!

E Ga (You Are Great) Mighty Man, E Ga,
Provider, Restorer, E Ga! E ga!
Oluwa Awon Oluwa( Lord Of Lords) E Ga!
E Ga O( You Are Great) E Ga Ju Esu Lo ( You Are Greater Than Satan)

Back To : Jesu Mi Ga Chorus

E ga! E ga!…………. Oluwa Awon Oluwa
(Lord Of Lords) E Ga! E ga!
Higher than darkness, than sickness, e ga! E ga o, e ga ju esu lo

E ga! E ga! E ga! Baba Mi O (My Father)
Ti N Gbe Ninu Awon Arun (That Lives In Heaven)
O Soro Lorun (He Speaks In Heaven)
Ki Gbogbo Aye Pa Roro (Let The Earth Tremble)
E Ga Ju Aye Lo (You Are Greater Than The World, Than Any Man) E Ga O, E Ga Ju E Su Lo


Hey! Hey! Giga Giga Giga Giga Ninu Awon Orun O (The Most Greatest One In Heaven)
Kiniun Ti N Pa Gbobgo Kiniun Lenu Mo, E Ga O (The Lion That Shut The Mouth Of Other Lion, You Are Great)
Baba Mi(My Father) Oko Mi(My Husband)
Ore Mi(My Friend) Olugbe Ori Mi Soke( The Lifter Up Of My Head)
E Ga Jesu Mi O!
Jesu Mi Ga, O Ga, O Ga, O Ga Ju Esu Lo


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