Sunday, September 24, 2023

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OFFICIAL PREMIERE: PAV & AltarSound – ‘Great I Am’ & ‘#iSurvived’ [Produced by PAV] || @altarsound

Pastor Alexander Victor — PAV, as he is fondly called— is a passionate lover of God, crazy worshipper, worship leader, teacher & preacher of the Word, writer & public speaker, radio & TV presenter, songwriter, music producer, worship resources consultant and visionary of Altarsound Worship Resources, operating from the UK & Nigeria.

As an arm of Altarsound Worship Resources, PAV leads the worship team simply known as Altarsound— a collective of radical, passionate, spirit-filled & skilled minstrels. PAV & Altarsound are called to be worship-smiths crafting the hearts of men to worship.

‘Great I Am’ is a simple heartfelt rendition of worship to God in recognition of who He is. The song was birthed in the place of worship from the realization of the greatness of our God and the awe that it rouses in us towards Him.

It is the second single off their forth-coming worship album – ‘The Resurgence’, to be released in the first half of 2017.

Download & enjoy!!



PAV & Altarsound – ‘#iSurvived’

The first single off their forthcoming album, ‘#iSurvived’ is a condensed expression of PAV’s testimony of having survived a trying time of unjust incarceration which was the climax of a messed-up life preceding that, whilst still in the forefront of ministry.

The song celebrates the grace of God that delivered and restored him against all odds, when he’d lost everything he ever had and had been given up on by everyone around him!

You are sure to identify with some parts—if not all—of the song, which will move you to join in and holla ‘#iSurvived’.

Download & enjoy!!



Twitter: @altarsound
Facebook: Altarsound WR
Instagram: @altarsoundworship


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Altarsound Worship Resources

Y'all have been phenomenal in your love and support for our new singles, and we all in Altarsound are in awe of how far this has spread and how y'all jumped onboard to push this Kingdom sound!

May God bless and increase y'all for this labour of love that doesn't go unnoticed!

Many thanks and much love,
PAV & Altarsound

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