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Pastor Cousin Victory Drops Debut Worship Single – ‘You are Holy’ [Prod. by SirMe] || @favouriteemusic

Kano based music minister and Chairman of FOGMMONKano State chapter  – Pastor Cousin Victory releases his debut single – ‘You are Worthy’. 

According to the Potters House Family Choir member – 

“Sometime around April this year I was on a fast pressing into a new dimension in God. I had a regular pray time where I always ask God for a song when I am done praying, it was in one of those days that this song came. I knew this wasn’t me when I heard this song within me. Whenever I sing this particular song I sense God’s awesome presence.”

”What I am saying is like explaining light through sound, it actually lacks a parameter for measurement. There is only two ways to explain this: either you enter my heart or you access the portal through which it came. I discovered that the song keeps expanding each time I sing it.”

”There is only one way to describe holiness and that description is God. Only the ultimate price paid by Jesus Christ grants us this God life, Holy life. This song has blessed me and thousands already who have heard it. I believe it will definitely bless you.”



Instagram: @cousinvictory1 
Facebook: Cousin Victory

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