Friday, September 22, 2023

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Pastor Ozi – ”To Know You More” Feat. Stanslim

Less than a year after releasing his acclaimed album – More Than A Conqueror, multi-talented musician and minister Pastor Ozi releases his latest single titled – ”To Know You More”.

The smash single features Stanslim and is a tune created to make listeners redefine their purpose for living and ignite a new passion and fire for God. The theme of the song comes from Mark 8:36; ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul.’

To Know You More is written and composed by Pastor Ozi while frequent collaborator Joeblings who also produced a bulk of his album More Than A Conqueror produced it.

To Know You More is available on all digital streaming services.



Lyrics: Pastor Ozi – ”To Know You More”

Intro: Je……Jesus
My goal is to know Christ
And to make Him known
The Bible says in the Book of Mark
Chapter 8 verse 36
…What shall it profit a man
If he should gain the whole world
And lose his own soul?
Yah Man!

To know you more
(To know you more)
(To know you more Jesus)
Here’s my heart, to know you more
To know you more Lord
It’s my heart’s cry, my desire
Here’s my heart, to know you more….

Chorus: To Know you More (x2)
Here’s my heart, to know you More x2

Solo 1: There’s no treasure in your Mansions (No, no, no)
In your great Wealth (No, no, no)
In your money (No, no, no)
There’s no treasure in your big names (No, no, no)
In Great Titles (No, no, no)

In the Great Fame (No, no, no)
There’s no treasure in the cocaine (No, no, no)
In the Weeding (No, no, no)
In the Drinking (No, no, no)
There’s no treasure in abortion (No, no, no)
In Adultery (No no no)
In Strange Women (No no no)

(Repeat Chorus)
Solo 2: Yesu jawo ni, a wurin ka (Jesus draw me to Your side)
Wurin da shetan ba zai tsaya ba (Where satan cannot stand) x2

Yesu yana baya, yana gaba, yana ko ina…
(Jesus is behind me, He’s in front, and He’s everywhere) x2

(Repeat Chorus)

To know you more (x2)
It’s all am looking for
It’s all am living for….


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