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#PraiseCampMeets CHH Head, BLW Rap Nation Soldier & Young Ruler – SamJamz [Interview] || @mrsamjamz

With great excitement and joy in our hearts, we present another edition of ‘PraiseCampMeets’ featuring one of the great voices & minds of Christian Hip-Hop music in Nigeria and the world stage at large, Sam Jamz.

PraiseCampMeets, an exclusive interview series of cuts across various spheres of the life of the artistes you love. 

It aims at serving as a tool of insight and learning as diverse topics of interest are being discussed, even as we journey into the musical life of your favorite artistes.

Make some noise people, for the one and only SAM JAMZ!!!!!!

1. So great to have you! Tell us about Mr. Sam Jamz?

My name is Samuel Jamgbadi, class of 2007 graduate of History & Intl Studies, Ambrose Alli University. A rapper, vlogger, Media enthusiast, Teen’s mentor, foodie and Jesus freak!

2. What do you think of the current level of CHH in Nigeria?

Christian Hip Hop in Nigeria is experiencing a rapid growth and exposure. Unlike before, people are beginning to pay more deliberate and strategic attention to CHH. I think more people have seen how massive a weapon CHH can be in their arsenal. More grounds definitely still need to be covered but the initial stereotype of HipHop being evil for Christians is fast phasing out.

3. When the term “Artistic Christian rappers” or “Artistic rappers doing Christian music” is mentioned. What comes to your mind?

In recent times, the use of these phrases have caused some division in the body. I however understand both sides very well. My take, in fishing alot of things come to play, one’s skill, experience, preferred fishing style, location and what have you. The joy at the end of the day for any fisherman is that he caught fishes. So whether the Artiste wants the Christian label or not, so long as his music is helping achieve God’s number one business : fishing men, then God is happy with him and so should everyone else.

4. Your recent single – “We Takin’ Ova” did well and is still gaining hype, what inspired the hot rap single?

The devil through several methods, the press especially has created an impression that the church of Jesus is weak and so people who church should be left out. That’s a lie. When it comes to style, skill, innovation, groove we have it all plus God and his angels have our backing. Through WeTakinOva, I’m bringing down all the false walls and wrong impression the devil has created and I’m announcing that the Church of Jesus is winning all day, every day. Jesus Christ rules everything and so we are winning all the lost, deceived and unbelieving people back to him. WeTakinOva!!!

5. Given your unique rap style and physical appearance (hair style, clothing and composure) . How do you respond to folks who question if you’re truly a Christian rapper?

What many don’t know is, as Christians we follow a Jesus who was publicly criticized by the leaders of the synagogue for not following their procedures. Jesus knew what He wanted and didn’t bother what the critics had to say about him. Jesus was busy fulfilling his purpose in his unique God given style.

6. It’s no doubt you belong to one of the biggest CHH rap group in Africa, popularly known as ‘BLW Rap Nation’. Tell us a little more about the group.

At this point I’d like to say a big thank you to my spiritual father, mentor life coach Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. For long, rap music in church sat at the backseat but he created a platform for that form of art to get expression. One several occasions we have had to share the stage with him. We are who we are because we have a spiritual father who is interested in our success personally.

7. Top 10 CHH rappers (local and international)?

It’s a tough one so I’d give you a tough answer. In no particular order here goes my top 10 rappers right now: Dream Junkies, Guvna B, So Kleva, BLW Rap Nation, KB, Social Club, S. O., Andy Mineo, Trip Lee (we are birthday mates), Lecrae

8. Should we expect a mixtape or an album this year?

It’s been long overdue, it’s ready but I just hope the world is ready for it. Should be out by the last quarter.

9. Top 5 CHH albums for you?

S.O.’s last 3 projects, Swoope’s Wake Up, W.L.A.K.’s W.L.A.K., Trip Lee’s last 2 projects, Da Truth’s Love, Hope, War

10. 5 upcoming CHH rappers you’re feeling at the moment?

Gospel music is rich! So many newcomers with so much fire shut up inside: Carltone (SA), Oba Reengard, J Tyna, King Brandon, Lamach Achaz (SA)

11. Your hopes and prayers for CHH in Nigeria, in the coming years.

The times are sensitive, my prayer is that light and salt would be gentle as doves but very tactful like snakes to take the front burner and take ova for the King.

12. What more to expect from SamJamz this year?

Visuals, new music, more vlogs. My advice, follow me on social media @mrsamjamz for direct updates.

13. Spit a line or two, or more for us. Hehe!

A line or two? That’s too small, when people can actually get to and listen to much more lines from me? Get all my songs from the site.

14. Aside from dropping punchlines, life-lines and blessing lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through art, what else can one find you indulged in?

These days I’m busy mentoring teenagers in leadership and creative arts, I’m also always busy vlogging. I love to do things spontaneously so it all depends on the time and the day.

Thank you for hanging out with us, Sam Jamz! We had such a great time.


Twitter | Facebook | Instagram: @mrsamjamz


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