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#PraiseCampMeets: Indigenous CHH Soldier/Son of the Most High – Nolly [Interview] || @nolly_cia

Yes yes yes y’all! Today we present an all new edition of our exclusive artiste interactive series tagged – ‘PraiseCampMeets’ featuring one of Nigeria’s young, outstanding and indigenous voices in the Christian Hip Hip/Rap music scene.

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Ladies and gentlemen – boys and girls we give you no other than the ‘Son of the Most High’ himself, all round ‘Blessed Somebody’, one of Nigeria’s finest indigenous CHH/Rap music ministers – Nolly a.k.a Nolly Nwa. 

** Applause** 

1. Tell us what we don’t know about Son of the Most High – Nolly?

Hmmm I’m a good cook….lol

2. What has your experience been like working with Sinach on her Way Maker tour?

Honestly it was a surreal and an honor. This type of opportunity doesn’t come anyhow. Just like a footballer playing for Manchester United or Real Madrid… LOL!!! 

But really touring with Sinach and getting the opportunity to perform in different countries. it has been a great experience. I learnt a lot.

3. Your recent singles – ‘Oh Yes’ and ‘Blessed Somebody’ was massively received and is still blessing lives the world over. What inspired these two hot singles?

Yea, glory to God for the success of these singles. I recorded Oh Yes when I was in a season in my life where I had to remind myself who I am in Christ despite the situation I was in… 

While Blessed Somebody was inspired by my desire to redefine what it means to be blessed. People always liken being blessed to material things but in reality of someone that’s blessed is how much of a blessing you are to people in your world.

4. Looking at the current state of CHH/Rap music in the Nigerian Gospel music min-dustry, do you think the artistic genre has come to stay?

I think it has come to stay really and it will only get better because the church is beginning to accept it and see it as a tool for evangelism.

5. What motivated your exit from CHH /Rap group – ‘BLW Rap Nation’? ****

I’ll pass on this… * smiles *

6. Who are your top 10 CHH rappers (local and international)?

Hmmm! I’ll do top 5 home based and top 5 international. For the home based (they are not local jor. LOL) rappers I’m feeling in no particular order; Oba Reengy, Protek, Kella Thrillz, Lc Beatz, Limoblaze

My top international rappers in no particular order will be : Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Trip Lee , KB, Da Truth

7. As an indigenous Ibo rapper, what challenges do you encounter in delivering your message through your unique style and dialect?

Apparently not everyone understands Ibo language, so most times they miss out on the depth of the message in my songs. Another challenge is that most people expect me to do all my songs in Ibo . I also do songs in English so I’m not just an indigenous igbo rapper. 

Also the constant comparison with some popular secular guy that has a similar sound with me, people in the gospel music scene want me to be their alternative to him. Some even go as far as calling me a gospel version of him. As much as they mean that as a compliment, I don’t take it as one. 

No disrespect to this artist though , I respect his art but I am not the gospel version of anybody. I am the only version of me.

8. Do you think CHH/ Rap music has what it takes to stand the test of time and relevance in the Nigerian Gospel music min-dustry?

Of course it will. It has come a long way. Just few years back my predecessors; Rooftop MCs and Bouqui were lighting up the whole seen. Even the mainstream secular music industry took note of them.

9. Do you think CHH artistes get the right amount of support and accolades they deserve in the Nigerian Gospel music min-dustry?

Honestly I don’t think they do get enough recognition yet but it’s just a matter of time. It’s gradually coming.

10. What are your hopes and prayers for the growth of CHH in Nigeria?

My hope is that CHH will get to a point where the impact is felt in not just the gospel music scene but also the mainstream music industry.

11. No doubt the year 2017 was a remarkable one for you, your art and ministry, share with us your highlights so far?

Truly this year has been a remarkable one for me indeed, been in the studio working on my debut album and I can tell you I’ve grown both musically and spiritually.

The highlight of my year was my performances in several countries in the Way Maker Tour with gospel singer Sinach. Standing and performing songs I wrote in my small room in my Father’s house in Enugu in different nations and they were blessed and excited about my music was surreal.

Most remarkable one was the event I had in Sierra Leone where I was the headline artist, the crowd knew the lyrics of my songs even the ones I did in igbo language. I was amazed. As I was performing I made an altar call and about 25 young people came out and gave their lives to Christ. 

This brought tears to my eyes cos God is through me using the same genre of music people said is of the devil to bring souls into the kingdom.

12. In your own words/understanding as a creative personnel, what do you understand by the following terms – Message, Impact and Relevance?

These 3 words describe what am all about. Every form of art has a message it wants to communicate to it’s consumer and most times this message is the driving force behind the art. My message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and no matter the instrumental, whether I decide to rap or sing, whether I clearly call the name of Jesus on a song or not, The Gospel of Jesus is my message. 

Impact is the effect of your message on your audience. How much they connect with your music and its result in their lives. Impact can also be seen as how influential an artist is as a result of his message. How he has been able to influence the lives of his followers. I’ve been impacted a lot by the message of Pastor Chris Oyahkilome and it is evident I my music. I’ve been impacted also by artists such as Rooftop MCs, Frank Edwards, Lecrae, Da Truth to mention a few. 

Relevance is how useful and important an artist is to the propagation of the message in his art over a period of time. Most artists try to by this through eye service or money but truth is only the Holy Spirit and “smart work” (hard work) can give relevance. Relevance can’t be bought.

Thank you for taking out time to respond to our questions – we love you!

I love you guys too. Thanks for having me and for your support . God bless you.

Connect with Nolly

Twitter | Instagram: @nolly_cia
Facebook page: @TherealNolly


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