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Rocky M. Solomon Releases New Single – ”Igwe”

Rocky M. Solomon Igwe
Rocky M. Solomon Igwe

Ghanaian-American gospel musician Rocky M. Solomon is proud to announce the release of his latest single – “Igwe” an uplifting and soul-stirring song that celebrates the King.

The song, titled in the Nigerian language, speaks to the hearts of listeners and promises to resonate deeply with audiences in Ghana, Nigeria, and beyond.

About Rocky M. Solomon:

Rocky M. Solomon known for his soulful and spiritually enriching music, has consistently inspired and touched the lives of his listeners. With a rich blend of his Ghanaian heritage and American upbringing, he brings a unique and transcendent sound that crosses cultural boundaries and unites people in faith and hope.

About “Igwe”:

“Igwe” is an ode to the King, a heartfelt expression of faith and reverence. In Nigeria, the word “Igwe” means “King” and the song beautifully encapsulates the greatness and majesty of the divine King in a way that transcends language barriers.

“I am deeply excited to share ”Igwe” with the world. This song has been a labor of love and faith, and I believe it will touch the hearts of all who listen.

My hope is that ”Igwe” will inspire and uplift, bringing people closer to the King in their own unique way.” – Rocky M. Solomon comments


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Connect with Rocky M Solomon

YouTube:  Rocky M Solomon
Facebook: Rocky M Solomon
Instagram: Rocky M Solomon
Twitter: Rocky M Solomon

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