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Sarai Korpacz – ”Holy Ground” Feat. Chloe & Daniella Korpacz (Official Video) || @skorpacz

“Holy Ground”Sarai Korpacz’s new song about placing trust in God while obediently following Him, after much anticipation. For the first time, Korpacz shares the mic with daughters Chloe and Daniella, ages 12 and 10, in a powerful intergenerational collaboration.

The song, references famed bible figures like Moses, Samuel, and Jacob, giving listeners new context and appreciation for their stories. All three responded “Here I am” to God.

For iTunes/Apple Music users, Holy Ground is made with Dolby Atmos groundbreaking music technology, immerse yourself in sound, and experience music like never before.

Korpacz, a citizen of Nigeria, states “Nigeria is at the precipice of a new season. As elections are fast approaching, I feel this song will serve as a staple towards what God will do in our hearts. God was with Moses even though Moses could not fathom how he would complete the task ahead. 

So also, I believe the Lord is with His people in Nigeria. I pray we are united as a nation, so that God will do marvelous wonders, changing the course of history for Nigerians, that will leave generations from now astonished at what the Lord did in our time.”

Korpacz, along with a team of 122 evangelists from all around the world, recently completed a three-and-a-half-month intensive training in crusade evangelism with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda through Kolenda’s ministry Christ for All Nations

It culminated in a 3-week induction training in Ghana where the trainees witnessed thousands of salvations, miracles, signs, and wonders too numerous to count. 

“As a Christian singer, I’ve learned that evangelism is an extension of worship. We can all come from where we are in life and say ‘Here I am’ to God. We will then experience the comfort Moses in the Bible had, when God stated, ‘I will be with you.’”

“Holy Ground” is written and produced by Korpacz

The song is available across all major digital music platforms, and an accompanying music video is also available on YouTube and Korpacz’s website. 

To learn more, visit or connect with her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


Twitter: @SKorpacz
Instagram: @Sarai_Korpacz
Facebook: Sarai Korpacz


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