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Should Churches Pay Musicians? Gospel Music Acts Share Their Views


He is one of the four powerful voices of the famous and respected
Midnight Crew {MNC} known for the widespread song IGWE! Songwriter and
producer, the pioneer of the record label- Spaghetti Records.
His music has taken him round the globe and he has made several
appearances on videos, featured in singles, and conducted different
music workshops.

Thank you for having me.
The place of the musician in church is vital and needs no ‘wracking’ the head over as worship is to-a-large-extent music driven.
Good music is directly proportional to good congregational worship experience.
Music is the musician’s trade; he definitely should be paid when he
renders his service except he chooses to render his service for free.
Whether the musician should be paid is not something to think about,
why would anyone not pay for service rendered? Free service is the
choice of the labourer, anyone who is forced to render free service is
under slavery in the hands of a wicked person or system!
When a musician requires a change of system from the hands of a
master who refuses to pay, that musician will simply be perceived as
rebellious. SHIKENA!


An accomplished producer, hit maker. Music lover, synthesizer,
programmer, songwriter, arranger and sound engineer.

First, I will start by explaining who a church musician is: A church
musician is a person who sustain the church by providing musical
services, especially as a performer of music who plays an instrument.
Also a musician (or instrumentalist) is a person who is talented in
making music or performing music creatively, or one who composes,
conducts, or performs music.
Musician can specialize in any musical style, and some musicians play
in a variety of different styles. Examples of a musician’s possible
skills include performing, conducting, singing, composing, arranging and
the orchestration of music.
Musicians act as a carrier for a particular message or suggestion.
As I meet and talk with church musicians from all backgrounds, our
conversations inevitably turn to some of the difficulties of working in
the church. And we usually agree that the root of those problems is less
of a musical one than one that is spiritual.
I have tried to zero in on what the spiritual difficulties and challenges are for musicians who work in the church.
The church musician must first understand that our work is also a form of worship.
Secondly, we should develop the mental discipline to concentrate on our job per time, and listen to the sermon during service.
Our major role is to set the tone for an atmosphere of Praise and
Worship in God’s presence each time which is probably one of the most
spiritually challenging jobs anyone can have.
· Church musicians should be appreciated or encouraged which
boils down to being paid or not. However they should not be dependent on
the church for survival. They should be creative, versatile and diverse
in many ways that money can flow to them.
· Being over-ambitious when you feel you can attain a height
without passing through normal procedures can brew up rebellion.
· When there is a mutual agreement and balance between the
church musicians and the church itself regarding the values and their
views being respected in contributing to the value of the church
progress there won’t be any cause for rebellion.
Being Paid is relative and should be an individual’s decision, if
your spiritual life is strong and your faith in God is such that you
absolutely depend on His sustenance then being paid in a church should
be a personal decision.



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