Friday, September 22, 2023

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Singer/Humanitarian, Nikki Laoye Sends Out A Clarion Call To Nigerians – “We Are Our Brother’s Keeper” || @nikkilaoye

The Giant of Africa, Nigeria celebrates another Independence day with a new leader and new expectations for the years to come. The country has been dealing with its own fair share of terrorist attacks, Ebola epidemic, internal issues and more for the last couple of years but yet its people remain resilient and strong in the midst of it all.

Soul Singer/Humanitarian and Founder of Angel 4 Life Foundation, Nikki Laoye, who has been working with the government agency, NCFRMI to provide relief aid items and help alleviate the suffering of the thousands of Nigerians displaced by the terrorist attacks in Northern Nigeria, sends out a word of encouragement to her fellow citizens as the country celebrates another year of its existence.

“We are indeed a blessed Nation, though we ain’t perfect but yet we always find a way to make the best out of every situation thrown at us. We have a lot of work to do especially with the restoration and rebuilding plans for our brothers and sisters, our children who are still living with the scars of the Boko Haram attacks at the numerous internally displaced camps across Nigeria. Down South, there is a tendency to feel like we are far away from the problems up North but we need to remember this chaos happened and it is still going on right under our nose, in our very own country. While working at the IDP camps, I see the fear, the fading innocence in the eyes of the children; the deep anguish of the mothers and the frustration of the fathers at the IDP camps as they deal with the daily reality of their present situation – far away from home and at the mercy of the kindness of people around them. No one else can understand better what they are going through than YOU and I, It is our home too.  No amount of relief aid from foreign countries and agencies will ever be enough but YOU AND I can help them deal with this as well. Let us support them with our words; our financial contributions; our support to the government and necessary agencies; with our physical presence at the IDP Camps whenever we can visit. Let us be our brother’s keeper..they need us every single day”

Via her Foundation’s Angel Relief Fund, Nikki Laoye along with her fellow colleagues in the music industry – Yemi Alade, Seyi Shay, Sammie Okposo, Lara George and many more have been providing relief aid to the displaced families in IDP camps with the Angel Relief Fund.

As we celebrate Nigeria at 55, May we all Arise, O Compatriots and Nigeria’s call obey for the internally displaced families in Northern Nigeria as Nikki Laoye reminds us once again of our brotherly duties with the timeless anthem of our nation.

Nikki Laoye’s NIGERIAN NATIONAL ANTHEM (Produced by Wilson Joel)DOWNLOAD

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