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Sokleva Of Rooftop Clan To Release ‘Fistful Of Stones’ Album – 16th December, 2015 || @soklevahughes

Do you remember the dynamic duo, Rooftop Clan? Well here’s something interesting. Sokleva Hughes of Rooftop MCs has announced the release date of his debut solo album “Fistful Of Stones”. The member of the Rooftop MCs duo, who had earlier revealed his work on an EP, says the project has developed into a full album, which will be officially released on December 16, 2015.

What started out as an EP has now become a full blown Album. As I wrote these songs it became clear that there just wasn’t enough room on an EP to express everything ‘Fistful of Stones’ is my application of the story of David and Goliath how one man through faith in God and his corresponding action as a result of that faith was able to take down a giant and by extension a nation’s entire army.

David like most of us (especially me in this instance) wasn’t perfect but look at what God was able to accomplish through him.

FISTFUL OF STONES will be out on December 16 2015 on all major online stores. Watch this space for more details and follow me on Twitter, Google+ and tumblr ‘SoklevaHughes’ is my user id on all platforms. Thanks for the Support and God Bless!! – Sokleva, via Instagram

We are excited and sure you are too! Look out for this one.


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