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Sokleva of Rooftop MCs, Newest Ambassador for Christian Clothing Brand – ‘WEARGRACE’ || @shobohughes

Acclaimed CHH rap minister, Sokleva Hughes of the unique rap duo, Rooftop MCs seems to be soaring on a whole new altitude of grace as he recently bags new ambassadorship contract with Christian Clothing brand, WEARGRACE.

WearGrace is a brand that helps you put your garment where your faith is.

Speaking about the endorsement, he shares; 

People are going to judge the book by its cover, it’s human nature. Why don’t you wear your conviction? If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many souls do you think a scripture is worth? Someone once defined Grace as ‘God’s.Riches.At.Christ’s.Expense’. So be like us over at @weargrace2014 and let’s all wear “Godly.Robes. As.Christlike.Examples”

Hearty congratulations from all of us at

Check out & Connect with ‘WEARGRACE’ via Instagram:

A photo posted by weargrace (@weargrace2014) on

A photo posted by weargrace (@weargrace2014) on

A photo posted by weargrace (@weargrace2014) on

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