Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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The Misfit Presents ”Outsider Tape” Project | Hosted by Gamie [FREE DOWNLOAD] || @therealdayve @joel_prodigee

”We came up in the bravado of two young impressionable soldiers who rapped their breaths off on a certain Bemshima beat. Rummaging for a voice through the dark abyss of an over saturated market just to let out pent-up energy. But not just to expunge it, to channel it In the language spoken by the world which is creativity.”

”Tagging along with parents to church on Sundays were our routines growing up. Different denominations but the underlying foundation had been laid in deep scriptures and biblical stories which serenaded our little imaginations and sprouted passion. From passion bloomed choristers who were not limited to the four walls of the church. We wear our lifestyles like jean jackets. Comfortably.
”But not too comfortable as we remain ever-ravenous to reach a wider audience. Some of us might even salivate in our sleep because we are that hungry. This hunger keeps us all going, being creative and trying to push boundaries with strong rhythm. We are humble beasts in human bodies. I maintain that was a humble sentence?
”The message comes undiluted with a steaming beat, mixed with raw lyricism and garnished with a spiced up flow. When we say we are cooking in the studio, it is not an understatement. We function by the need for expression, music and probably making jokes about Dayve’s big head. But we are mainly bound by love, both shared and intertwined in different interests and personalities.

”This project is a statement made as our previous ones have been. The message is strong and the voice is the kind that befriends echoes. All we search for is your ear…..and heart. The lifestyle is also part of the art.

”God, the art and the love are all 3 peas in a pod. The perfect soul food.” – The Misfit .

Download & enjoy!!


Connect with The Misfit –

Twitter: @therealdayve @joel_prodigee
Instagram: @themisfitculture


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