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Tomi Favored – ”Committed To You” Feat. Suanesha (+Official Video) || @tomifavored

US based music minister – Tomi Favored releases new single titled “Committed to You” featuring Suanesha.

“Committed To You”
is a song from the heart of a worshipper re-establishing commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Ever so often, one thinks about life and ponders the good, the bad, the crazy, and tries to see how God’s hand has been there…helping, saving and giving grace.

“In one of those moments, when God’s goodness became apparent to me, I realized I needed to verbally declare my commitment to God all over again. Not that He left me, or I lost my salvation or anything, but I needed to tell myself, “I’M COMMITTED” to Jesus. He’s always been faithful, and I should also remain faithful to Him.

 Just like a couple renewing vows, or business partners reaffirming their partnership in an endeavor, as a believer in Jesus, I needed to proclaim that I’m committed to the Lord unashamedly. To myself, to others, to Jesus”, – Tomi Favored said.

WATCH: Tomi Favored – ”Committed To You” Feat. Suanesha (Official Video)

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