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UK Gospel Minister, Stacia Salmon Releases Debut Album ‘LIBERTi’ || @ukstacia

London – UK, Meet Song Minister, Prophetess and Psalmist Stacia Salmon best known as ”Stacialov.” Stacia was born in Venezuela PT. Ordaz and grew up in Aruba with her two sisters, mother and father. 

At the young age of four Stacia started attending the Seventh Day Adventist Church together with her mother and sisters. Her mother Angela Salmon saw potential in her and devoted herself to develop Stacia’s talents from an early age for God’s honor and glory.

Stacia started out performing with her sisters as a gospel trio and soon became known as ”The Salmon Sisters”. Her talents stem from her devotion to serving and glorifying God’s works since the young age of five and does it today because of her love for Christ.

LIBERTI by Stacia Salmon: The Album
LIBERTI is her first gospel album, with the word ‘liberti’ meaning Freedom. The album features breathtaking ballads, beautiful gospel pieces, dynamic arrangements and heartfelt lyrics also by Stacia Salmon. This anointed woman of God has a powerful gift that brings people to tears and even physically moves people in its presence. Minister Stacia says: ”I have a passion to walk in the footsteps of Christ and to bring healing and deliverance to those who are oppressed and in bondage. Through the many years of the oppression that I was in and having the honor of experiencing the power of God bringing me out of it into his new covenant, I can say with certainty that he has equipped me for such a day as today. Now that I’ve decided to answer the calling of God, I have no fear except the fear of the Lord.”

The album Liberti has had a spiritual intercession from the Holy Spirit right from the very start. The songs were written from Bible verses that helped her through battles of life and said that when she sings them, she sees the unfailing power of God unraveling problems in her life. ”Hallelujah’ was written one night before the recording session as the holy spirit woke her up at 1:26 AM and led her to finish the song. She was led to (Psalm 150), and as she was half asleep she heard this beautiful melody been sung by an angelical choir as they sang the final part of the song ‘Hallelujah’ and that was how it was written.

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This inspiring musical masterpiece is the product of her years of hard work, devotion and love of service to the Lord.


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