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US Based Singer – Oluwayemisi Yakubu Premieres ~ ”With You” (Prod. by Amb. Wole Oni) || @iamwoleoni

There is a super refreshing sound in the atmosphere as Oluwayemisi Yakubu releases her new single titled – ”With You” – a Christian Contemporary Music (C.C.M.) Soft Rock, produced by the phenomenal and internationally acclaimed prodigy – Ambassador Wole Oni. He beautifully engages the usage of amazing and ethereal background vocals, a bold and passionate delivery by the Oluwayemisi Yakubu over a blend of captivating instrumentation.

The single – With You is a summary of the haven of peace and joy, the succour she found in walking with God, doing life with Him and trusting Him, following a series of failures, heartbreaks, disappointments, betrayals, and rejection.

Just when she thought the rain would never end, He showed up as sunshine to brighten her day and as a silver lining to brighten her clouds. Thereafter, taking one step at a time with God, she picked herself back up, her life blossomed all over again. She moved from being the abandoned to becoming the encourager, the beacon, the trail blazer, using her songs and her life.

Now, with so much pleasure, she wants everyone to learn from her experience, to choose to stay with God against all the odds life comes with, seeing that it is only with him that we can overcome every battle or challenge.

Since we all have these life moments once in a while, then ”With You” is a must have on our playlist. 




Written and composed by Amb. Wole Oni and Oluwayemisi Yakubu.
Arranged and produced by Ambassador Wole Oni for WOMP records.
Lead Vocal: Oluwayemisi Yakubu
Background Vocals: Candy Mabra and Mollie Jane.
Keyboard: Toluwanimi Oni and WOMP
Live Bass: Leo Cappi
Live Guitar: OluwasegunOlasehinde
Live Drums: Marcelo Effori
Drum Programming and Percussion: WOMP

Recorded at WOMP Studio, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. 

Instinct Productions Studio, Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria.
Mixed by Amb. Wole Oni.
Mastered by David Lopez.
Photography: Justin Scar pace.
Graphic Design: eNuel Media.


Artiste Brief 

Oluwayemisi Ajibade Yakubu is a Nigerian born singer-song writer, who resides in California, United States. Although she is a health personnel, she is also a member of International Christian Centre, Los Angeles’ praise team and a member of the choir as well, where she is constantly using her gift (her voice) to praise and worship God under the leadership of Pastors Dipo and Nony Kalejaiye.

Her music career started at an early age,as singing as a member of her primary school drama group was her first move in the pursuit of music. She moved on to join the Teen’s choir at Living Faith Church, Abuja, Nigeria. Following this, she has functioned as a member of many church choirs at each phase of her life till date.

Although, songwriting has always been a part of her life, it became more pronounced when life’s trials came at her in successions, and it seemed like they would never end. At the point, there was no one else to turn to, where she was left with only God, she found peace, strength, encouragement, hope, and newness in him, not only that, she found a new song in him.

It is popularly said that when your vision is a very massive life-changing one, you cannot achieve it alone, you need other people to help you interpret it so you can perfectly express it. This led her to choose one of the best Music Producing companies, W.O.M.P. to have her talent harnessed and to help her birth her desire.

As this new horizon unfolded, as her life experienced transformation, her story fully formed the content of her new song. In the midst of combining raising her three children with her daily job, herself and her producer, Ambassador Wole Oni wrote and composed a master piece, titled – ”With You”. 

It tells of the great victories that come with going through life with God. It tells that even though challenges will come, it will always end as a win-win outcome when you use God’s routes. It is also a song of encouragement, hope and faith to everyone.

Oluwayemisi has stepped out as light to our world, to use her songs as a source of hope to the hopeless, to also help people stay encouraged and not give up. With You is just the beginning of many more songs to be released by her.


Music Minister – Chuks Ukor Chants ”Halleluyah” (Live Video)


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