Monday, July 15, 2024

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Wear The Best Designer by Tayo || @debbietayo

Post written by Tayo [] I was on the road recently when I noticed two men were looking at a particular direction,they created a scene so, I had to look towards that direction. What I saw was more like an embarrassment to womanhood. I saw a young lady of about 24 or 25 dressed in an outfit I still cannot explain but I’m sure the concept of her appearance was to tempt every man that sees her on that day. I looked at the lady, the men didn’t stop looking, one of them said ‘see her flat buttocks’ another said ‘nah so we dey see her pant for outside’. They made jest of her until she left that vicinity.

I looked at myself from head to toe after the scenario, I asked myself ‘are you perfectly dressed, if Christ comes, will you be able to go with Him to heaven if He is only interested in your outfit?’. I felt relieved when I heard the answer within me ‘Yes, you will reign with Christ in heaven’.

Now, let me throw the question to you, ‘Can you go to heaven with the kind of outfits you wear on a daily basis?’. I started dressing like a heaven’s ambassador after I read it in a book that I am a model for Christ and Christ is my designer. He wants me to wear wear what He has created and act what He has created. A designer can never be happy if he sees his model wearing another person’s label except he doesn’t care, the good news is Jesus is a spirit and He cares so much about you.

Let us learn to model Christ in our way and manner of dressing, not just dressing alone but also how we talk and how we do every other thing.

You are a role model and so many people are looking up to you whether you know or you don’t know.

Wear the best designer, Wear Christ, Model for Him.


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