Friday, September 22, 2023

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Yetunde Joyce – I Choose To Be Free [Still Prevailing] || @iamyetundejoyce

Late July early
morning say half seven but the sunlight is already pouring, through the curtain
less window as it was summer. Suddenly I felt a push to write ‘I Choose to Be
I get so inspired
by the song ‘I Choose To Be Free’ as it is a song I wrote in 2011 summer  when I was in a situation I did not see
coming. Then I felt unsettled with sleepless nights and cloudless mornings.

If you have come
across a book titled ‘All the beggars riding’ by Lucy Caldwell, you might
understand my situation.  A story about
Lara and her brother that lost their father in a terrible accident and she was
trying to erase the memories and get back on track.

So at that distressing
time I made sure I meditated everyday on Deuteronomy 30:9 “This day I call
heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and
and curses.
choose life
that you and your children may live“.

Also I make the
confession and declare ‘I Choose to Be Free’ every time. Then I started seeing
results in my life.

Going to record
the song with my producer Wole Oni in February 2013 the waiting now was like a
bubble in my chest. However, going into studio was a breathless experience as I
felt the hand of God on the project.

Everyday life
pastes its dulling moments and routines over the rawness. Though the rawness is
there, but I strongly believe we should choose to be free from bondage,
slavery, poverty, barrenness, manipulation, condemnation, retrogression, setback,
affliction, oppression and everything that God does not approve of in our

Yes we should
shine victoriously, be above and not beneath because God
has set us FREE to rule as kings and priests forever!

So this is a way
of giving back what God has blessed me with and I hope the song continues to
bless all my friends and fans around the world.

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Connect with Yetunde Joyce:

Twitter: @iamyetundejoyce
Facebook: Yetunde Joyce YJ
Instagram: Yetunde Joyce YJ


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