Wednesday, February 28, 2024

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Yors Ariyo – ”Teni Yen Sha” (Official Video)

Yors Ariyo releases a new and fascinating song titled – “Teni Yen Sha” produced by Amb. Wole Oni.

A song sung from an unusual musical perspective of a father to his daughter. It is rich Highlife, garnished with lovely brass ornamentation, with a blend of the modern-day vintage sound, and rhythmic balance of velvet baritone lead vocal, yet retaining its bounce and vivacity. Above all, keeping the fidelity of the genre.

It is an adaptation of the age-long but evergreen Bobby Benson’s “Taxi Driver” (I Don’t Care).

Dreams can come true, though. From when his daughter was five years old, she had a soft spot for and sang this beautiful piece. To her amazement, he rendered his version as a surprise gift on her wedding day. Ultimately depicting the overwhelming love of our heavenly Father for us.

At the centre of the theme of this song is the reminder to parents to support their children in their choice of a spouse. Instead of judging by the suitor’s present societal status.

Video shot by Oluyinka Davids for iFocus Pictures.


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