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New Music: “Praise Blast” by Baba Erujeje

The Wait Is Over! Baba Erujeje’s Highly Anticipated “Praise Blast” Medley Has Finally Arrived!

The “Praise Blast” medley of songs by Baba Erujeje is a collection of uplifting and inspiring gospel music tracks that aim to praise and glorify God.

The medley is a fusion of different genres, including contemporary gospel, traditional hymns, and African praise songs, creating a unique and dynamic sound.

The content of the medley includes:

1. Energetic and upbeat praise songs that encourage listeners to lift their voices and praise God.

2. Soulful and heartfelt worship, highlife-fusion that express devotion and gratitude to God.

3. Inspiring and motivational anthems that promote faith, hope, and resilience.

4. Traditional hymns and choruses that pay homage to the rich heritage of gospel music, thereby exalting God.

5. African praise songs that incorporate local rhythms and instruments, adding a unique cultural flavor to the medley.

Some of the song titles in the medley include:

– “O God of Creation”
– “God of Faithfulness”
– “Halleluyah For The Lord”
– “I Have A Reason To Praise”
– “We Will Praise Him”
– “Ja Ya Nma”
– “All Ye Nations Wide”
– “Ese Baba Mi”
– “Eyin Ni Oluwa”
– “Ee Oba Wa”
– “Kabiesi Re”

“Praise Blast” was recorded in Lagos and performed by Baba Erujeje and the Erunoids team.

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