Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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Stream New Music: “The Word Works” by Abilight 

Abilight The Word Works
Abilight The Word Works

Kings reign with Words! Everything God called into existence was accomplished through the spoken words.

“The Word Works” by Abilight is not just a song, or one of those many songs out there. It is an experience, encounter and expression of who God is. It also serves as a bridge and conduit that literally connects us to fellowship and to be in communion with the Father, revealing His mind and to purposefully know who we are and the power we carry when we consistently engage the Word.

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“The Word Works” is a song with prophetic declarations, unusual praises and thanksgiving to God. It sets the tone to remind us that when we align ourselves with the Word of God, the unusual presence that we carry would dispel all demonic activities around us and not the other way around. You are an Atmosphere Shifter!

“I decree to every listener and hearer that unprecedented testimonies shall be yours this season. The power of your words can change your world and the world! You are a King & Priest if only you know who lives inside of you. As He is, so are we in this world! Ecclesiastes 8:4, Genesis 1:3, Job 22:28, John 1:1-5” – Abilight


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