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PraiseCamp decides to put out a list of inspiring Christian tunes, which we believe has been a total blessing since due premiere. These singles selected are in no orderly manner, but are all distinct with their clear respective messages and impact.

They have been spotted due to the various feed-backs and well reception received. We present to you 6 inspirational singles, likely to become a major crowd favorite in a short while.  

There you go!

1. Dara – ‘Help Me’ featuring Jumbo Ane [Produced by Wilson Joel]

With every tune and lyric we hear from DARA, you get to know a loving, fun, faithful & amazing God with whom absolutely nothing is impossible. This single was produced by the music magnate, Wilson Joel and featuring anointed International music minister, Jumbo Ane.

In these times, when most people lament hardship, faith must rise and look to God. DARA of the highly esteemed music label, Rocktown Records shares her heart-cry in a rich and simple medley – ‘Help Me’

We describe it as music that speaks, inspires and teaches the heavens.

DOWNLOAD: Dara – ‘Help Me’ featuring Jumbo Ane
Rating: 3/4

2. Chinelo Dillimono – ‘Blessed be God’ [Produced by Dr. Roy]

One of Nigeria’s finest worship leaders and anointed woman of God – Pastor Chinelo Dillimono releases a new single titled ‘Blessed Be God’ from her upcoming album titled ‘Exalting Jesus’ 

The delectable Port Harcourt based psalmist and songwriter with an unquestionably strong soprano voice is widely known for her worship ministry which spans almost 3 decades, and whose heart & vision is to see Jesus glorified releases this uplifting, soul stirring single that will rouse your heart to worship.

Let the worship begin and let the church say ‘Blessed Be God’. 

DOWNLOAD: Chinelo Dillimono – ‘Blessed be God’
Rating: 3/4 

3. T2 4 Real Grace – ‘JESUS’ [Produced by Wole Oni]

The new age/Gospel pop single aims to make the praise of the King of Kings even more glorious, making Him known to the man who doesn’t, at the same time acknowledging His ever staying power & greatness in our lives – the ever relevant, soon coming King, a friend who indeed sticks closer than a brother – JESUS. 

The clear and precise message of the song is perfectly laced with edifying lyrics, not forgetting the musical sound blend and catchy chorus which are incredibly and absolutely captivating. It’s a potential favorite for every listener, regardless of gender and age. 

Journey into a 4-minute worship experience and be blessed. 

DOWNLOAD: T2 4 Real Grace – ‘JESUS’ 
Rating: 3/4 

4. Solomon – ‘Remember’ featuring FLOROCKA & Judith Kanayo [Prod. by FLO] 

The slow paced ragga tune came about as a result of certain personal encounters & challenges, where different voices tried to define his life according to their own perceptions of who they think he should be.

“Remember” was therefore written to remind himself and others of who God says you are as opposed to what the situations of life try to tell you. 

This is one of those tracks that tends to ”grow on you” as you listen. 

Listen To ‘Remember’ on Spotify

Rating: 3/4

5. Eloho – ‘He’s Alive’ [off the ‘Unrestrained’ album] 

The brand new victory praise joint is powerful and a vibrant ministration with a message/lyrics so strong & clear. This song reminds us of the victory that we have in Jesus, the freedom that we possess to be; and do who God has called us to be. 

A song for the so-called failures, a misfits, felt out of place, condemned, unrestrained and rejected, Therefore is no condemnation as we are in Christ Jesus. Get your dancing shoes, rejoice in this victory wherewith Christ has set you free!

DOWNLOAD: Eloho – ‘He’s Alive’

Watch Official Video below:

YouTube video

Rating 3/4

6. Ayo Vincent – ‘Great and Mighty God’ [Produced by All-Well Brown]
The hiatus breaker single, Great and Mighty God was premiered at a time, most appropriate. The inspiring worship song, which was recorded in her local dialect – Yoruba and also in English is sure to take you to new and greater heights of worship to our God.

According to Ayo Vincent, this song was inspired after a dress rehearsal, upon the revelation of Jesus as not just a life-giver but as life himself.

”Great & Mighty God”
is off her soon to be released album.

DOWNLOAD: Ayo Vincent – ‘Great and Mighty God’

Rating: 3/4


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